On the early morning of December 15th, Kim Fryer was awakened from sleep by a shout. When she rushed downstairs to the source of the sound, she discovered her daughter standing face-to-face with a furry little creature. It was comfortably perched on top of the microwave.

Although the furry animal was fairly small resembling one of Fryers’ five cats, but his vibrant red coat and bushy tail gave away his identity.


“I came down and spotted this little fox curled up on top of the microwave!” Fryer said. “I have five cats and a dog so obviously I have a cat flap. He must have crawled under the gate and through the cat flap.”

The fox has made quite a commotion searching for the warmest spot in the house to curl up on. However, the Fryer family was more concerned for the fox’s safety rather than the mess he had made, tipping the houseplants and decorative.


“A couple of my plants were smashed and there was mud everywhere,” Fryer said. “[My daughter] put the light on and one eye opened but he didn’t move. We could tell there was something wrong with him.”

Fryer reached out to RSPCA, who look the lost fox to Putney Animal Hospital in London for a check-up and observation. When Mr Fox was brought in, he was weak and lethargic but with the care and attention in the hospital, he quickly turned a corner.

“He was quite happy to be brought in to the hospital for a health check but was understandably not keen on being in a cage,” a hospital spokesperson said. “Fortunately, he was quite healthy with a beautiful fluffy coat.”


After the staff was assured that Mr Fox was perfectly sound, he was released back into the general area around Fryer family’s home where he originally belongs.

Hopefully, after this episode, Mr Fox will think twice before following neighbourhood cats home.

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