They were just out on a drive in New Jersey when suddenly, they came across something that broke their hearts. Left on the side of the road were five bald, dirty and ill-looking puppies. The resident of Vineland saw that they were huddling against each other in the cold. So he decided to call for help.
South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter decided to help these poor pups out and send a control officer to bring them over. But the person that was sent over noticed how terribly sick these puppies looked and took them to the vet instead. After the treatment, the dogs were found to be suffering from mange, eye infections, swollen feet and open sores all over their bodies. Alongside this terrible condition, they were also emaciated and neglected by their previous owner.

abandoned bald dogs 1

The pups were then taken to the shelter. To say the staff were shocked to see them would be an understatement. They couldn’t understand how anyone could subject these poor creatures to such pain. Seeing that despite the way they’ve been treated, they were still sweethearts–loving and adoring–just broke the staffs’ hearts.
“They were all very sweet on intake, even with the condition that they were in,” Kathleen Leary, director of operations for the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, said. “They were wagging their tails and licking our faces.”

abandoned bald dogs 2

The staffs guess that the puppies were around 5 and a half months old belonging to a mastiff-cane corso mix. But since they were in such a terrible condition, it’s difficult to be accurate. All five are bald in places with bits of fur here and there. Right now, they are receiving medical care and attention along with love from all the staffs. With luck, they will get better.
“They are on antibiotics, eye meds and medicated baths and will be rechecked weekly by our veterinarian,” Leary said.

abandoned bald dogs 3

Alongside their treatment, they are living in foster care for now. The shelter named them after Super Mario characters, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Daisy and Princess Peach. Together, they are known as the Mushroom Kingdom 5.
“Their little personalities are [slowly] coming out, they all seem to be good with other dogs and love people,” Leary said.

abandoned bald dogs 4

The shelter hopes that all of these cuties will soon heal in the following month. After that, they will be put up for adoption. However difficult the beginning of their lives have been, they hope to see these five find happiness in their remaining lives.

abandoned bald dogs 5

“We are also trying to find out who did this to them and of course we worry what condition the parents may be in, so if anyone has any leads, they can call the Vineland Police Department at 856-691-4111,” Leary said.