You wouldn’t be worried if a cat was stuck at the roof of a house because they have a nice grip and they can handle themselves and rescuing them, with their small size of a body wouldn’t cause much trouble. But what do you when a 10-year-old husky is stuck on the roof? Captain Jeff Nawfel, a firefighter, was in a similar dilemma recently.

Facebook/ Wells Maine Police

Jasper, the dog, somehow had managed to get to the room of his house at Wells, Maine and firefighters were immediately called to save the dog from a very unfortunate fate. However, as much as the pooch’s family was panicking, Jasper didn’t seem to have even a little bit of fear.

When the firefighters arrived, the dog was pacing on the roof, where he probably reached from the window which shut behind him. Seeing the pooch 15 feet above the ground, the neighbours panicked and called for help.

Facebook/ Wells Maine Police

Although the entire situation was challenging, Captain Nawfel knew just the thing to do. He and another firefighter would climb to the top and rescue the dog by escorting him inside the house.

Someone captured a video of the entire rescue, which shows how Captain Nawfel got the sweetest thank you from Jasper. Before he was sent back in from the same window he came out, Jasper gave the captain a big kiss on his face.

Facebook/ Wells Maine Police

The video took no time to go viral after it was posted on the Wells Fire Department’s Facebook page. Jasper and Captain Nawfel have certainly touched the hearts of millions of people.

Watch the rescue for yourself in the video below:

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