Fate is a strange thing. A wrong turn on the way to show a property-led Casey Lawrence to the right place in the right time.

The real estate agent found herself in a dumping ground for dogs after being used for dog-fighting. It was an astonishing sight, the state in which the dogs were left to die. In fact, the place was filled with poor dogs, with severe injuries in their bodies and were completely lifeless.


Lying among all the dead bodies was, fortunately, one breathing dog. One that Lawrence found.

Immediately, he was rushed to the Baxter Veterinary Clinic. The staff there named him Rambo.

Just by looking at the injuries that Rambo had suffered, it could be seen that he had led a sad and harrowing life. The back leg was so infected that it had to be amputated. Rambo’s hind legs were also injured, ‘having ties around them’ is assumed as a probable cause.


Rambo still wagged his tail, in spite of his horrible past. This showed the vets and rescuers that he had enough strength in him to fight for his life.

For further treatment, he was taken to Charlotte Animal Referral and Emergency. With time, his condition improved significantly.


Treated with his first warm bath and even toys, he then lived in a foster home. His continued healing made him stronger every day, and eventually, he found a loving home!

The new family also has a doggy called Dallas who Rambo adores.

Rambo loves every second of his new life, with his best friends and people who love him without recourse.


Just imagine if Casey hadn’t taken a wrong turn that fateful day. Rambo wouldn’t have been found or got the care he needed. Fortunately, he was blessed with a second chance.

Here is a footage of the lovely dog playing with his new brother, Dallas. Do check it out!

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