When you go to the pool, it’s of course for the sake of good times and having fun. You would surely expect to meet a lot of people and watch strange things happening around. But this couple in the video didn’t quite expect these exceptional visitors at the pool they were chilling.

Watch the video below:

In the video, a group of three elephants casually decide to enter the pool area and start drinking water out of the pool. The couple lying on their loungers are seen awestruck and confused about what to do. They cannot move, so they just continue laying.

Another couple was apparently passing the pool area when it all happened and decided to film everything.

The man who shot the video said, “We were absolutely amazed by what was happening. The elephants did not seem bothered by the presence of the people and casually continued to drink water out of the pool. One of the most amusing sights we have seen in a long time.”

Not only these elephants but their cousins with smaller ears, the Indian elephants also fairly like to interact with humans.

Recently, an elephant entered a kitchen of an army base in West Bengal, looking for food, while being filmed the whole time. However, the army officials didn’t take the visit well and started blaring sirens to send him away. In the end, they used firecrackers and finally scare him out.

Watch the video below:

Funny how different people take things so differently!

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