Back in 2000, a video aired on PBS with a story so amazing, it quickly caught everyone’s attention. It was a video of two elephants who were meeting for the first time after 22 long years. They had formerly worked for circus and had been friends before that.


Shirley and Jenny met for the first time after almost two decades apart and recognized each other, at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The video shows a rather emotional moment as the two elephants rejoice meeting an old friend after so long.

This video is nothing but a reminder of how much animals are like us and how much love they feel.


The emotions of the elephants are also felt by the keepers of the sanctuary. They already knew this was going to happen, so they just watched the beautiful moment of reunion.

The keepers watch as the elephants wrap their trunks around each other, a moment that leaves everyone in tears.

Watch the emotional moment of this reunion below!

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