This family of tourists weren’t expecting to come across elephants crossing roads when they were exploring the depths of African forests, but it happened anyway. And the whole scenario couldn’t be more adorable! All they wanted to do was capture the entire exchange on a video, but little did they know, they would also be capturing the most precious thing ever!


When we click play, there is a family of elephants following the Mama elephant. While the older kid walked side by side with the mother, the best part of the video is the smaller elephant. In fact, the little one seemed to be loving all the attention as well. That, or he was beyond confused. He couldn’t stop staring at all the tourists and the cameras pointed at him!

What happened next will have you grinning from ear to ear! The little elephant let out such a loud sneeze that even he himself jumped at the sound and ran to his mother! It’s no wonder that the tourist family burst out laughing at the adorable sight!


But the scary part was near the end. The mama elephant gave such a threatening stare to the people laughing at her child that all of them suddenly went quiet. The video couldn’t be more hilarious and cute!

Just watch the video and found out for yourself!

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