Strange friendships aren’t unheard of. In fact, at Happiest, they’re embraced. But this unlikely friendship quite surprised a lot of people. A friendship between an elephant and a dog.


While it may seem like the only thing common between the two species of animals is their love for human beings and the ability to understand people, these two will make you wonder if there is, perhaps, more to the story.

Sick and elderly female elephants are kept at the Elephant Sanctuary like an old age home for elephants. The place currently holds 10 of these mammoth creatures, who are allowed to wander the sanctuary and have their own special friends.


But Tara seems to take this to a whole new level of special.

The 35-year-old elephant is best buddies with Bella, a dog.

Their love for each other is quite transparent as these two are inseparable.

When Bella’s back was injured and she required staying at a treatment centre for three weeks, determined Tara stood outside the building for the entire time.


She patiently waited for her little friend to get out and get to her. It was only after weeks that they went back to being the inseparable duo again.

Come and check out the video of these two that prove that friendship and bond can be formed even at the strangest times and places!

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