Stormy used to be the perfect dog for a family with four kids, two other dogs, and two other dogs. He is the most gentle, affectionate and playful dog in the world. Sadly, the family had a fifth baby recently and decided that he was too much for them.

“He spent all of his life with a family with four children, two [other] dogs — one small, one big — and a cat,” Alana Guerrini, a volunteer and foster carer for Eleventh Hour Rescue, said. “Then the woman got pregnant and had her fifth baby, and decided that he was too much.”

Alana Guerrini

The family used to call Stormy “Freshy” before they dropped him at a busy shelter in Brooklyn.

“You could see the fear and terror in his eyes in that picture [at the shelter], and you could see how brokenhearted he was,” Guerrini said. “I looked at that face, and it absolutely crushed me.”

Alana Guerrini

Thankfully, Guerrini found out about Stormy and set off to get him just before it was too late.

“He was due to be put down at 5 o’clock, and it was 4:58 or 4:59 when we got the word that ‘We’ll let you take him, and he’s officially yours and off of death row,’” Guerrini said.

Alana Guerrini

Guerrini ad her 16-year-old son went to pick Stormy up just last week. They brought him to New Jersey at their home, where he would be fostered until someone adopts him.

“He jumped into my car with no problems,” Guerrini said. “My son had gotten into the passenger seat, and he [Stormy] just climbed up onto my son’s lap, and you could see that with every little wiggle and face kiss that he was thanking him because he knew that he was going to live. He’s an angel.”

Alana Guerrini

“He wanted to sit in my son’s lap the whole time, so my son had to get into the back seat, and he spent an hour and a half riding home on my son’s lap,” Guerrini added. “The only time he got off of it was the dozen times he wanted to kiss me, too.”

Guerrini couldn’t believe how gentle Stormy was with her so.

“He was wrestling with my son, and my son’s hand went into the dog’s mouth … and the dog left his mouth open and slowly backed his head away so he wouldn’t even scratch him,” Guerrini said. “That’s when I knew that I was madly in love with this dog.”

Stormy was also concerned when her son was not feeling very good.

Alana Guerrini

“He stayed in the room with him all day and nuzzled up with him,” she said. “And when my son got up, he was just following him around. He just wants to interact with people and be loved.”

Guerrini is taken aback at Stormy’s previous family’s decision of giving him up. Nevertheless, she hopes his next family will shower him with all the love and happiness he deserves.

Alana Guerrini

“He’s a playful, 2-year-old pit bull,” Guerrini said. “I do have to say because he is one of my favourites that I’m very picky, so I need to find the best home out there.”

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