Elephants are very social animals. They grow up and thrive as a part of a tight-knit herd. But sometimes, they can cut off some members. Sadly, baby Ubuntu, lovingly known just as Ellie, was rejected by his herd. Rescuers tried to patch him time and again with his herd, but for some reason, they just didn’t accept him. Ellie also had a host of health issues, including an umbilical abscess and intolerance to milk. Perhaps this was one of the reasons his herd was so cold to him.

Social interaction is very important to elephants, so the lack of it was affecting the young elephant every day, Ellie was getting more and more depressed every passing day. He was not interested in interacting with anyone. But everything changed after Duma the German shepherd came along. The two became good friends really fast. Ellie showed a so much more zest for life after becoming friends with Duma. He also got months of care from Karen Trendler and her staff at the orphanage for his infections.

Ellie is now a healthy baby elephant that’s thriving well. When he grows up more, the rescue will try to let him out in the open again. Hopefully, a herd will be willing to take him in. Till then, he has Duma for support. They might be from two different species and have very different behaviors, but love conquers all—these two have shown that anybody can work out their differences.

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