While many activists are fighting for the rights of animals and against their abuse, it looks like animal abuse is just a regular routine on the Greek island of Santorini. Donkeys with open and bloody wounds on their backs are apparently a common sight in the island. Every day, the donkeys are treated terribly from early morning to late evening. They are obligated to carry thousands of tourists on their backs up the slippery ways to the capital of Fira. Their handlers beat them with ropes, whips or pipes if they don’t move fast enough.

The poor tortured animals neither get water to drink, nor proper medical care, let alone a break from their hectic work.

The main reasons of these animals’ suffering are too heavy tourists and poorly fitting saddles. As a result, their spine gets deeply wounded.

Because these poor donkeys are exhausted all the time, accidents often happen. A German tourist watched his wife brought down by one of the donkeys and trampled to death in 2015.

Donkeys show a little reaction in pain, anxiety or illness, in contrary to horses. Therefore, we might as well say that they “suffer in silence” and thus, we are unable to analyse their exact situation.

Donkeys, like any other domestic animals, are lovable, playful and intelligent, who bond both with humans and other animals. Participating in such torturing tourist activities is as much of a crime as making them work like that. Therefore, we all must take our own steps to avoid the painful situation for the poor donkeys and avoid such activities while touring, which can easily discourage the abuse.

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