As known to the world with the title of one of the most intelligent species in the world, dolphins really do know how to fend for themselves. They can do beautiful tricks and stunts but they are also not bad at solving problems.


According to National Geographic, “Until our upstart genius surpassed them, dolphins were probably the largest brained, and presumably the most intelligent, creatures on the planet. Pound for pound, relative to body size, their brains are still among the largest in the animal kingdom—and larger than those of chimpanzees.”

No wonder, they put their brains to good use!


Dolphins apparently hunt for food in some pretty stunning ways. They don’t just stalk their preys but attract them inside their turf for hunting.

Some bottlenose dolphins create “mud nets” under the water so that the fish are obliged to jump out of the water. Then, they take the chance and gulp down their preys by jumping right out!

What a clever way to hunt!


Watch an incredible video that has captured this entire phenomenon below:

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