Dogs have the hardest times during rainy seasons. From finding proper food to keeping themselves dry and warm in the cold wind, they are always in search of shelter. Even when they do find a place, they are afraid of the heavy thunderstorms. Fortunately, Shanda Antle, a worker at the shelter located in Dartmouth named Homeward Bound City Pound, decided to intervene and stay with the dogs there for the night.

Facebook/ Homeward Bound City Pound

It was a hearty decision which ended up warming her soul.

This was not her first time. She, along with other volunteers, had ended up staying with the dogs at the times of bad or unpredicted weather. Like this, even if the roadways get blocked, they would still be able to take care of the dogs on a daily basis.

Facebook/ Homeward Bound City Pound

That night, Shanda was coupled with one of the smartest in the bunch, Hawking. At first, she stayed awake, watching movies with the adorable creature. But soon enough, she decided to end the day. She moved to the playroom, alongside Hawking, and call it a night.

In the post shared on the shelter’s page on Facebook, Hawking and Shanda make up quite a pair on their air bed. Even with the thunderstorms blaring outside the window in the Nova Scotia of Canada, the two sleep undisturbed.

Facebook/ Homeward Bound City Pound

It’s beautiful to see that there are some animal-lovers out there who are willing to go so far just to give these lovely creatures a sweet and loving home. Now we know that the dogs in the shelter are always happy and unafraid, even during thunderstorms!

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