Only an owner of both a cat and a dog knows what the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” really means. That’s right; it’s like a constant struggle to get these two species to get along with each other only to fail!


The calm and assertive cats have no patience to deal with anybody’s sh*t! They take no interest in anything at all. They like being by themselves, lounging and lazing around and maybe sometimes cuddle with their humans. Dogs, on the other hand, are more energetic and playful. They are excited about almost everything!

Between a cat and a dog, though the cat will always have the upper hand, no matter how big the dog is. So, it’s still hilarious to watch these two interact!


The video below, amazingly enough, is an entire compilation of situations when a dog tried to make friends or interact with a cat and got nothing but the cold shoulder in return!

It’s hilarious but also equally adorable! Maybe that’s why it is viral with more than 6 million views!

Watch the cute video below:

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