When volunteers from an animal shelter took in a large, blue-eyed stray dog, they knew he hadn’t had an easy life. With dirty fur and emaciated body, the dog seemed like he had had a long life full of suffering.

But not anymore.

The staff at the animal shelter were determined to find him a new home.

dog woman reunion 1

But they had no idea there was someone out there looking for him.

When a picture of him went up on the internet, it was so he could find suitable adopters.

Of course, his recovery and training would take some time so the adopters had to wait a while.

As the picture started going viral, people started to take more and more note of this dog’s sad eyes.

dog woman reunion 2

But the plot twist came two days later.

A woman had contacted the shelter saying that her dog had been stolen from her yard in 2017. According to her, the dog in the pictures was her dog.

“She’d been looking for her dog for two years,” Galina Lekunova, who works at the shelter, said.

What happened next you ask?

A meeting was fixed by the staff so that the woman and the dog could meet.

The reunion was heartbreaking for some and heartwarming for others.

What do you think?

“Tears of joy in the morning!” the shelter wrote. The moment to them was no less than a “miracle.”

From the video, you can see how much Lord, the dog, loves his mom. Thankfully, they are back together now, never to be separated again.

“We thank everyone who shared our post,” the shelter wrote. “Thanks to you that the dog’s life was saved, and peace returned to his owner’s soul!”

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