American Foxhounds are perfect for an active family, given their sweet nature and easy- going behaviours. Cooper, too is just like any other typical American Foxhound. He is amazingly sweet and loving—but he was born with some serious defects. But that doesn’t stop him from being a good boy.

Cooper’s several vertebrae were compressed and fused together when he was inside his mother’s womb. Consequently, he was born with no neck and was not expected to live.

Source: Real Fix UK/Facebook

The sweet dog is now 2-years-old and still going around just fine. He can’t turn his whole body to look back, but he still is rocking.

Staff at Secondhand Hounds in Minnetonka, Minnesota, got into Cooper’s case. Originally, this sweet pooch was abandoned near a puppy mill, evidently because of his deformities. His rear-end is also located very high up his back.

Because of that, Cooper has a very hard time defecating. He also had ear mites, worms, and hernia.

Source: Real Fix UK/Facebook

After surgery, the pooch was able to defecate properly. But sadly, his first adoption was a fail. Nevertheless, it was successful the second time. He was adopted by Elly and Andy Keegan who has kept him lovingly, along with their other dogs.

Cooper fell and fractured his neck in five different places in the beginning. But now, he can go to the bathroom on his own and has to take antibiotics to avoid infections.

His mom, Elly, says, “It’s hard because he can’t go for long walks and can’t spend a lot of time on hard surfaces. He has to be on soft ground like grass or carpet.”

Nevertheless, Cooper is thriving in his new life! Watch the video below as proof of that:

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