What’s more interesting than a dog who travels the country in a wheelchair with his father?

Here’s Mel. An 8-year-old dog, who couldn’t walk properly until a while ago, and is now in constant motion, moving from settlement to settlement with his photographer parent.

The pit bull was first found by Tom Dilworth in the Yonkers Animal Shelter.

“We went to the Yonkers Animal Shelter to see another dog when we noticed Mel,“ Tom said. “I had stopped for a moment when he then placed his head on my leg. Well, that was it!”

At the time, Mel didn’t have a wheelchair. In fact, he could barely walk properly back then. He had balance issues. Thankfully, Tom noticed it after he adopted him and he wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of the dog having a good life.

It was only when he was taken to a vet that the diagnosis for a neurological disease showed up. And while it wasn’t fatal, it did create a lot of hardship for him.

This was when Tom decided to get Mel a wheelchair. It was with Eddie’s Wheel for Pets’ help that Mel is as happy as she is today.

With the wheelchair supporting him, nothing gets on Mel’s way of walking and running.

Just look at the video of how happy he looks getting the wheelchair for the very first time!

With the equipment that makes his getting around easier, he can now run across the world with Tom.

Anyone could see that Mel loves travelling with his father. Anywhere he goes, Mel tags along.

And it seems like his father’s photography is quite useful for Mel too. Just look at the perfect view. And then him standing in the middle of it! Quite the model, isn’t he?

As much as he loves running around screaming with freedom, he also enjoys getting rides from his father.

But, deny it all you want, Mel is sure living his life to the fullest.

No matter what anyone says, not all shelter dogs are broken forever. Sometimes, they heal and they get back up, stronger than ever. All they need is a second look from you.

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