Charlie Weiss had spent thirteen years of his life in his home in Winterville, North Carolina and had not paid any attention whatsoever to his neighbours except occasional hello. A year ago, however, a woman had moved in with her dog next door, but he had still decided to continue his ways. But one day, he went to the yard and felt like he was being watched.

As he scanned the yard, he didn’t find anything until he looked down the fence, where, a furry spy was looking at him.

Charlie Weiss

His neighbour’s German shepherd mix had found some space between the ground and the bottom of the fence and had decided to peep through it to satisfy his curiosity.

Then, it became a tradition, and Weiss began meeting his furry spy more than he met his human neighbour every time he went outside.

Charlie Weiss

And when Weiss thought he was comfortable with the occasional snooping, his neighbour adopted a new pit bull mix. However, he didn’t get along with Weiss in the beginning.

Weiss said, “My deck looks over the fence, and when he first noticed me he would run up to the fence and bark at me. I figured he was probably just a little stressed from being in a new environment.”

“I would always say ‘hey’ to them and be friendly to them though because I figured they’d settle down once they got used to me,” he added. “As you can tell, they eventually did.”

Charlie Weiss

The dogs started becoming nosier day by day. They barked, eager to see Weiss every time they heard his front door open.

He explained, “The German shepherd loves affection. She always lies by the fence, sticks her snout under it and whimpers until I pet her. The pit usually doesn’t want to be pet, but he’s pretty funny because he’ll lick the fence and look at me through it the whole time I’m there.”

Soon, Weiss met the third surprise when he stepped on his deck—it was a smiling black and white puppy.

Charlie Weiss

This one was so determined to break into Weiss’ yard that he had managed to dig a bigger hole from what his siblings had done. However, despite the puppy being very small, he couldn’t fit through the hole, but his struggle makes him look picture perfect.

Charlie Weiss

“They haven’t made it into my yard yet, but the puppy really tried,” Weiss said. “It was pretty comical to watch. He was on a mission to get into my yard, but he just couldn’t squeeze through.”

It was indeed unusual for Weiss in the beginning, but now, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I joke with a friend that one day I’m gonna show my neighbour those pictures and tell her, ‘Look, you had a good run, but they’ve made their decision. They’re mine now,’” he said. ”A lot of times I don’t even realise they’re there. I just turn around, and there’s a snout sticking out from under the fence.”

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