Jake, a 5-year-old border collie was left heartbroken after his senior owner left him at a shelter in Corsicana, Texas. The dog’s owner had explained to the shelter staffers how he couldn’t keep him anymore as he had no time to take care of him. Sadly, the dog was still in confusion, hence, devastated to be away from his home.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

“He’s been through a lot,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, said. “He was very devastated obviously. Then he was thrown into a shelter environment for a few weeks.”

Jake obviously couldn’t take going from his free and comfortable life to a tiny cinder block kennel. So he became lesser enthusiastic with each passing day, which broke the hearts of the shelter staffers. So, they contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Then, Jake was taken to a veterinary clinic and kept there for three weeks for quarantine and observation, which meant he had to spend more time in a congested place.

“Basically, he just sat in a vet cage,” Silverstein said.

It was finally time for Jake to go to New York and find his forever home. His rescuers were sure enough that he would be adopted in no time, but their presumption couldn’t be more wrong. There were no applications requesting to adopt Jake.

“He’s stunning,” Silverstein said. “It just baffled me as to why he wasn’t adopted. This is one I couldn’t understand.”

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Sadly, there was no space in the shelter and no one to foster Jake. Therefore, yet again, Jake had to go to another vet cage in New York.

“We didn’t really have a place for him and I was very upset because he was sitting at our vet,” Silverstein said. “We had our trainer there to assess him, and our trainer said, ‘Oh my God, why is this dog sitting in a cage? He’s phenomenal. He’s great with other dogs. He’s fantastic with people. What are you doing, Stacey? Get him out.’”

Finally, Silverstein turned to social media and continuously posted photos of Jake, requesting people to adopt him. And it worked! Soon queries began coming and there were a lot of interested people to adopt or foster Jake.

Jake showed a very new look of joy, which his rescuers had never seen before when he got in the car of his forever family after he was finally adopted.

“To me, it looks like Jake finally knows he’s safe and on to a better life,” Silverstein said.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Jake has now spent a week in his new home and he absolutely loves it. He has a huge yard to run around and play, another dog sibling to cuddle with, and a very loving family to care for him.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

“I’ve only heard positive things,” Silverstein said. “That everything is great, and he’s doing amazing, and they love him.”

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