The dog that was lying on the side of a highway looked like she will not have a happy ending. Until a motorist intervened and saved her.

To say the pup was happy would be an understatement.

smiling dog 1

When she reached the shelter, she couldn’t stop smiling. Just look at her happy face!

smiling dog 2

It’s as if she knew she was saved in the nick of time. It’s like she knew she was getting a second chance at life.

The shelter staff couldn’t help but think that she will be adopted very soon.

smiling dog 3

And they were right.

Enter Nicole and Matthew. The second they laid eyes on this little pup, they were in love. When Nicole embraced the dog in her arms, she embraced back!

They knew she belonged with them.

So they gave her the name Layla and gave her a new home.

smiling dog 4

In this place, Layla didn’t just find parents who loved her but also a sibling who adored her.

Now, the two are inseparable!

smiling dog 5

Layla has moved forward in life. But we will never forget her smiling face.

And we will not let you forget it either.

So here’s a video of her!

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