Staffs in a gas station in Tamaulipas, Mexico more than just glanced a scared stray dog when he started appearing near the area about two years ago.

He was skittish at first and judging by his malnourished body he also showed signs of mistreatment. The staff worked to gain his trust.

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“We fed him, bathed him and got him vaccinated,” Gerardo Aguilar, the station’s owner, told The Dodo. “We adopted him. Now he lives here and is cared for by all the workers.”

The loving staff have their new canine friend a new name- “Randy”. But they probably had no idea how far the pup would go to repay them for their kindness.

One evening this week, two-armed robber stormed the station and threatened the cashier on duty to hand over the money. They even started assaulting the worker, punching him and kicking him to the ground.

Gerardo Aguilar

That’s when brave Randy came to the rescue.

Randy was sleeping in the station’s warehouse and was suddenly woken up by the loud commotion. He didn’t think twice to rush in and drive the robbers away.

“We were surprised to see how he reacted, and of course we are proud of him,” Aguilar said. “If it weren’t for Randy, who knows how things would have ended. He shows us how grateful and happy he is with us.”

When Randy isn’t risking his life to save others, he makes other people smile too.

Nuria Arellano, a frequent customer at Randy’s gas station, told the Dodo she buys guys at the location primarily because of the adorable dog who lives there.

Gerardo Aguilar

She feels like other places should also take in stray dogs like Randy.

“He makes it a better experience. I always call him, and he gets in the door of my truck and brings his face to mine,” Arellano said. “It would be wonderful if the culture changed and there were more rescued puppies at other gas stations and other stores. Let’s hope this happens one day.”

Randy proves, hiring a dog is good for business as well as ensuring protection.

Watch the amazing video below:

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