For any dog owner, a dog’s loyalty is one of the most valuable things in life. We don’t need to look far to see striking examples of brave dogs. History has shown us that dogs can put their lives in danger to protect their humans.

YouTube/ Sam W

A store cashier experienced the unfailing loyalty of his cherished dog when he found himself in a scary situation. The store cam footage showed a robber walking in and pulling out a gun at him at the front register of the store. The cashier immediately panics and freezes with fear.

That’s when the cashier’s trusty German Shepherd quickly acts on his sharp instincts. The dog senses danger and, within a split of second, attacks the robber from behind the counter.

YouTube/ Sam W

The robber who couldn’t see the dog behind the counter is caught off-guard. Within seconds, he is struggling from the attacks of the brave dog. The robber soon flees the store.

It is truly amazing how dogs can be such fearless protectors when the need arises. The cashier is thankful beyond words at the faithfulness of his dog and hopes to have him close forever!

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