A while ago, 63-year-old Charmaine Keevy from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, had rescued a Dachshund named Georgie. Recently, though, Georgie got a very nice opportunity to give back the good deed to the world and took it.

Facebook/ Charmaine Eizabeth Keevy

Georgie was on a usual morning walk when he became frozen at a spot on a storm drain. He began barking tirelessly at it. In the beginning, Keevy thought she heard faint meows from the drain but was completely shook when she found out that, it was not a cat, but a human infant!

The drain had a concrete slab that covered it. Therefore, she rushed down to her car to get help. Luckily, she ran into a man named Cornie Viljoen who decided to help her. Both Keevy and Viljoen tried to open the concrete slab with a steel bar. Then, Viljoen climbed down the 6-foot-deep drain without any further thoughts, and, in the process, got bitten by numerous red ants.

Facebook/ Charmaine Eizabeth Keevy

‘When I got into the hole it was higher than my head and it was so narrow that I had to go down on my knees and I couldn’t bend over so had to feel down for the baby below. The red ants were stinging my legs but then I felt this baby’s leg and then saw the baby and I realised that this was a crime scene so I took a flash picture and handed my phone up to Charmaine. I didn’t know if the baby was injured so I tried to pick her up very carefully and very slowly and she was so small. I just wanted to hold her for a while but I knew that she needed urgent medical help,” said Viljoen.

“The baby was lucky the red ants were higher up in the drain and not down at the bottom where she was. I just do not know why anyone could do this to a newborn baby but I was just so glad that we were able to help her and save her life. I told Charmaine to call the emergency services right away,” he added.

Facebook/ Charmaine Eizabeth Keevy

It shocked Viljoen to find the umbilical cord still attached to the naked baby. Then, Viljoen and Keevy called the police immediately and they arrived right away with an ambulance to take the baby to the hospital.

The police say that someone placing the baby by removing the concrete covering in the horrific drain is the only way the baby got there. They must have also covered the drain with concrete after dumping the baby there.

Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said, “There is a possibility that the person who did this may have come from outside the area and placed the child there. We are appealing for witnesses and the mother of this baby to come forward.”

The baby was treated for her hypothermia and respiratory problems in the hospital, where the doctors predicted her to have been in the drain for at least a few hours.

Keevy deeply believed it was fate that brought her to April because she always took Georgie for a walk on a different route. She named the baby Grace April and put an update on her Facebook page to let everyone know she was doing just fine.

SHE IS ALIVE!!!!! If you are reading this please share on your time line. I have been so saddened by the negative talk…

Posted by Charmaine Elizabeth Keevy on Thursday, April 5, 2018

It is truly a miracle how the baby survived. Nevertheless, it would not have been possible without Georgie!

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