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This Dog Goes To The Dog Park Everyday By Riding The Bus All Alone


We all need to hustle in life, and our daily routine can really get frustrating sometimes. But not for Eclipse. She seems to take it all in and enjoy it. She takes the bus all by herself to go to the dog park!

The fantastic video below displays Eclipse with other passengers on the bus, getting along and sometimes, even drooling on them. They must have been shocked to see Eclipse looking for an empty seat and making herself comfortable on one. Apparently, she also particularly likes window seats because she enjoys looking outside the windows too.

However, Eclipse was not always so independent. She used to go to the park for years with her owner, Jeff Young. One day, Eclipse jumped on the bus when Young was distracted, and the dog went off without her owner. Young followed on the next bus and knew his smart buddy would do just the right thing.

Young didn’t mind or worry Eclipse travelling alone like that. He says, “She’s a people person.” Someone even snapped a selfie with the dog, in sheer disbelief about what was happening.

Watch the unbelievable video below:

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