When Edie was first brought to a shelter, her fur was entirely matted and she was too scared to interact well with anyone. Seeing no way to get her in control, the shelter decided she was unadoptable and put her name for euthanasia.


Thankfully, someone extremely kind noticed Edie right on time, and, with the help of Hope for Paws, she was taken to the vet for an examination.

In the beginning, Edie was a really scared dog who refused to put on a leash. When her rescuer approached her with a leash, she cried like a baby as though to beg not to do anything to her. Poor dog must have been through so much of abuse to be scared like that.


She was so terrified that she even defecated right where she was standing. However, her rescuer pulled her to his lap to make her feel safe. He softly pets her to let her know it was okay. Once she realized he meant no harm, she melted in her lap immediately.

Once she settled and got confident enough, she was taken to the hairdresser to become clean and once that was done, a whole new playful Edie was discovered!

The poor pup was so much in need of affection and warmth.

Watch Edie’s touching rescue in the video below:

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