It’s quite harrowing how evil human beings can be, especially when it comes to abusing someone that is not of their own species.

8 dogs were rescued by RSPCA and the police from a property in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, where they were pitted against each other in a dog-fighting ring. Even though the suspects couldn’t be arrested at the right time, the evidence that was left behind in the place was heart-wrenching.

The brutality of the fighting pits is visible through the scars and injuries on the dogs’ faces. One of the evidence that was collected included a mobile phone with videos as long as 45 minutes of dogs fighting against each other.


It also contained various text messages that encouraged violence and had harrowing references for dying dogs. To think that all these activities partook in the name of entertainment is horrifying. Some of the videos were full of abuse as the suspects forced dogs to run on a treadmill in full speed with the belief that the exercise would turn the creature into the ‘ultimate fighting dog’.

Other evidence included a flirt pole and a break stick used on dogs during fights. While the case is still ongoing, animal-lovers all over the world are praying for the heartless criminals to be brought to justice.


UPDATE: John Herbert Knibbs, the ringleader, along with two other suspects have been arrested for the crime. Among them, this is John’s third offence. He faces charge both for keeping and training the dogs’ under the tumultuous environment. The man was also accused of cutting the animals’ ears and abusing them repeatedly.

Hopefully, all three culprits will be severely punished for what they have done.

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