A Siberian Husky was left at a vet’s clinic with all 4 of his paws ripped off intentionally by someone. The dog, Da Hei, was found by Dr. Liu in this horrifying condition–leaving him him to immediately amputate the dead skin and rotting bones to prevent infection.

prosthetic limb dog 1

But the story is far from over.
Dr. Liu then contacted officials at a Beijing-based prosthetic company to help with the predicament Da Hei was in. Since this was something that had never been done before, the company was on board with the idea of giving this dog prosthetic legs. And guess what? Da Hei became the very first dog in China to receive 4 prosthetic limbs!

prosthetic limb dog 2

Da Hei’s progress in learning how to walk to adjusting into his new life is all captured in a video. It shows that the first few days were very hard on this poor dog. The adjustment of the prosthetics weren’t right–but with time and practice, he got better and better. Now, he can walk without much obstacle.

prosthetic limb dog 3

Da Hei is regaining is strength day by day and winning hearts everywhere. So much so that even Dr. Liu himself adopted Da Hei and gave him a forever home. The lovely creature has come far from the dog he was when he was first left under the vet’s care.

Click to the video below to watch the aforementioned journey of Da Hei and Dr. Liu into restoring a dog’s confidence and life–piece after piece.
Watch the video below to see his journey!

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