HOUND Rescue & Sanctuary is a 501 organization run from home by Schenley and Joe Kirk. From taking in abandoned and neglected dogs to caring for creatures brought in by their owners, the rescue gives a place for every dog, even ones that have been rescued from euthanizing shelters.

Gregory, a 2-year-old Beagle, belonged in the last category.

Schenley Kirk

He had been included in the list for euthanasia because of the simple reason that he was heartworm positive. It was notified that if Gregory wasn’t saved or wanted by anyone by 3rd of May, he was going to put to death.

Fortunately, the Kirks intervened when the deadline was nearly over. They arrived on May 1 to rescue the poor dog and take him home.

Schenley Kirk

The little dog was so happy to be rescued that Joe couldn’t bear to put him in a crate even during the transport, breaking their regular HRS rule.

Contrary to the regulations, Joe actually kept the dog in the backseat on the ride, cradling and playing with the pooch while he drove.

Schenley Kirk

Joe felt a little left out for he could only reach so far to touch the doggie. So he stopped the vehicle and captured a bunch of heartwarming pictures with the playful and loving dog. He then sent them to Schenley.

But little did they know that one of those pictures would go completely viral in a span of a few hours after Schenley shared it on Facebook.

Schenley Kirk

To say she was overwhelmed with thousands of likes, comments and shares on the pictures would be an understatement. It hadn’t even been days before the pooch got applicants for his adoption!

One of the couples, who were the first one to see the Beagle, was viewed as the perfect candidate for the doggie’s new family. The family already had two rescue Beagles. And they were more than eager to add a new one in their home. While Gregory was getting ready for the adoption, the family were filling out an application and making a donation for the shelter. As soon as he passes a thorough examination, Gregory will be entering his new home.

Schenley Kirk

Today, he’s living a life of luxury, spoiled with love and treats. Not to mention, but he’s also quite famous.

“He has the most loving personality,” Schenley said. “He is always smiling and giving kisses! He is a wonderful little Beagle!”

Schenley Kirk

The Kirks have also been showered with love and attention throughout the world.

“The amount of attention Gregory’s photo has received has been absolutely incredible!!” Schenley said. “There are truly no words to express our sincere appreciation to everyone for their “likes” and “shares” of the post! We are genuinely grateful for the generosity and support we have received for Gregory from so many wonderful people!”

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