Pirate, an 11-year-old dog had lived in the Oahu SPCA, Hawaii, for 7 whole years. Every time an adopter came to see her, they found her cute but rejected her for being “too old.”


As time passed and sweet Pirate faced rejections after rejections, the shelter staff got more and more worried for her. And after she had spent a significantly long time at the shelter, the staffers were heartbroken and had started to think she would never get adopted.

That was when the Pirate’s life took an unexpected turn. Jennifer Hoyt and her husband, a military couple, who was stationed in Hawaii, were especially interested in her. But they didn’t have a house there. So, they couldn’t adopt her right away.

Facebook/Jennifer Hoyt

Nevertheless, the couple were too in love with Pirate. They visited her at the shelter every day and even brought her first bed and soft toy for her.

Facebook/Jennifer Hoyt

Then, within the next two months, the couple was able to get themselves a house and adopted Pirate officially. Now, Pirate lives the happiest life in her new home. She is loved immensely by her new parents.

Watch the video below to see how Pirate has completely transformed from a sad dog to an excited happy pooch.

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