There’s no argument in the fact that squirrels can make dogs halt whatever they are doing and focus on finding that squirrel that distracted their attention. This was shown adorably in the famous Pixar movie “Up” where all the dogs stop everything, they are doing including talking or moving the moment the word “squirrel” was uttered.


In fact, a year before the movie was even released, a Jack Russel Terrier named Callie displayed similar strong hatred towards squirrels. It’s a known fact shared by all Jack Russel owners that the breed is not aware of his own size and will even attack a lion if it wanted to.


This Jack Russel’s owner knew perfectly about his dog’s temperament towards squirrel. His curiosity led him to test Callie’s squirrel-aversion and capture her reactions on tape. What happens in the tape is that first, he says the word “squirrel” then Callie begins to softly groan and whine. This only builds up once he starts uttering it a few more times.

Callie simply hates squirrels and makes no effort to hide her feelings about it. In fact, she makes it known by barking the creepiest barks that are sure to send every squirrel within a 10-mile radius into a run.

Scroll to 0:30 mark on the video to see Callie’s funniest reaction. Dad goes, “They are everywhere,” to which Callie replies angrily, “THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!”

Watch the adorable dog’s hilarious video below:

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