If there is anything dogs love like they love food, it’s pets. They just love being pet and feeling the warm love of kind humans. This stray dog from Izmir, Turkish, however, seems to love it way too much. So, much that she goes to a car wash every day to get the nice pets.

If you are thinking this German shepherd mix named Linda gets pets from the employees and other people that come there, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the source of her pets is the fluffy rollers that cleans the soap on the cars.

Twitter/Clint Falin

Twitter user @clintfalin shared a footage that captured Linda’s clever habit on social media, and no doubt, she is on the way towards getting some popularity. The video shows Linda waiting for a car to go through the automated car wash in a local gas station. The white van, after being covered in soap, goes through the machine to be wiped clean by three fluffy rollers. The clever dog recognizes that it’s her turn to get some fluff and adjusts her body to get comfortable pets from the yellow and red brushes.

Twitter/Clint Falin

Linda’s legs start kicking in delight and her face lights up with a grin as the brush touches through her body. She lets the brush do its work—exactly what she deserves for her cleverness.

The people who watched the video were concerned about her and the hard life she must be living as a stray dog. However, a Tweitter user @rubbyduckyjr notices something good and comments, “The ring in her ear means that she’s a stray and has been spayed by the local shelter. The guy in the video talks about her affectionately, they’re probably taking care of her.”

Linda has gained popularity in her neighbourhood and they all expect her to line up any time she sees a car wash starting up. She has evidently won many hearts, but she will be just fine by herself because of how smart she is!

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