A dog struggled to escape his chain that had its one end fixed to his collar and the other to a sign that ironically stated, in bold yellow letters, “No dogs.” The dog was abandoned by his owner on a famous walking trail in Folly Beach, South Carolina.

The handwritten note was taped to a metal sign and was desperately pleading anyone to take the dog in. The note said, “Hello! I’m Zanny. My owners could not keep me. I’m very friendly. I DON’T bite, and I just need a home.”

Tanya Niketas

Tanya Niketas was apparently on a relaxing day with her son, Phin, and was going through the same walking trail to the Lighthouse Inlet when she spotted the dog. She realised the pit bull mix was abandoned in a hurry and immediately contacted a nearby rescue, Pet Helpers.

Tanya Niketas

Niketas posted about the dog on Facebook, where she wrote, “He had no water, only the roll of tape they used to put up the ‘He needs a new home’ sign. He’s such a beautiful, cool dog and is SOOOOOO sweet. [He] was super gentle with Phin, sat for us like a good boy, and has the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen!”

Tanya Niketas

Despite the note called the dog Zanny, his rescuers named him Folly after the place where he was found. They took Folly for a health checkup which revealed he only had a rash on his stomach. Except that, he was in good health.

Carrie Browning- Perez, the marketing manager of Pet Helpers, said, “Folly is a muscular boy whose tails wags nonstop. It’s obvious he didn’t miss many meals.”

The dog had been kept well and had enough care, but if it weren’t for Niketas, he would have met an unfortunate fate.

Browning- Perez said, “It was extremely hot on the day he was abandoned. Just a matter of another hour or so could have greatly changed the outcome.”

Tanya Niketas

The young dog had a very positive outlook and an energetic personality. He hasn’t slowed down in being playful even though he had been through rounds of vaccinations, deworming, microchipping and neutering.

Browning- Perez said, “Folly is a big lovable goofball who is an amazing boy full of life and energy. He loves every human he meets and enjoys going for walks, giving big slobbery kisses and cuddling with people.”

Tanya Niketas

Since Folly hasn’t healed from neutering yet, he is still not ready for adoption. But he will be up for adoption as soon as he completely recovers. In fact, the shelter already has a few interested families to send Folly to. They hope to find him a forever home soon.

“He would love an active family who will take him on walks, to the park, for rides and, of course, a home where he can snuggle with his new family at night while watching TV or reading a good book,” Browning-Perez said.

We hope that Folly soon finds his forever home and lives a happy- ever- after life!

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