When Pia was just walking on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the last things she thought she thought she would find was a dog. But that’s exactly what happened. On the Christmas weekend of 2017, she spotted an abandoned dog. But her heart broke the condition she found him in. He had not just been neglected, but also starved to the point his ribs were visible. She immediately came to his aid.

It seemed like the dog wouldn’t even make it through the hours for he was in such a delicate condition. The dire predicament he was in, put Pia to tears. She immediately cradled him in her arms and took her to the vet. Even after he was given proper treatment, it seemed like it was too late. His dull eyes stared out vacantly as the treatment failed to work on him.

Ultimately, it was Pia’s unshakeable determination that saved his life. She stayed by the sick dog’s side for 48 hours. She tirelessly encouraged him to eat, to drink and to find the will to survive. And it was with her guidance that just the day after Christmas, the dog seemed to grasp the light in his life.

To honor his determination, Pia named the lovely dog Hercules. And Hercules he was, for after countless painful and tiring nights, he finally stood up on his feet. To say Pia was happy would be an understatement.

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Throughout the process of helping him survive, Pia had fallen in love with the dog. That’s why she made the choice to give him a forever home with herself. With her constant companionship, today Hercules is a far cry from how he used to be when he was first discovered. Pia’s love for the dog has inspired people all over the world and we are thankful for the optimism she has brought into Hercules’s life.

Watch the video here to witness Hercules’s journey to surviving!

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