Ernie, the shelter dog, was just another pup in City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, New York, in search of the right home. And he found one in the most unexpected way.

Cindy Grisanti

Cindy Grisanti, the dog walker at the shelter took Ernie out for a walk one morning last month when they came across a UPS van driver named Jason Coronado, who had parked his van to take a break. Ernie had never met him before. But he acted as though the driver was his long-lost friend.

“He was over the hills excited to see me, so I called him on up [into the cabin],” Coronado said.

Nevertheless, they were not strangers anymore.

Cindy Grisanti

“[Coronado] sat on the steps of the truck and Ernie sidled right up to him and started licking his face,” Grisanti said. “After quite a few snuggles I tried to get him out to continue our walk, but it definitely took some doing — he wanted to stay in the truck with his new friend!”

The dog was smitten, so was the UPS driver, which his why, he couldn’t stop thinking about the pooch even after weeks.

Cindy Grisanti

Then, more than a month later, Coronado saw a post on social media that said Ernie was still looking for a home.

“I was sad to hear he was still there,” Coronado said.

So he thought about it some times and consulted with his family. Finally, he decided to welcome the sweet dog in his own family!

Jason Coronado

Now, Coronado couldn’t be happier about adopting him.

“He is very joyful,” Coronado said. “I’m upset I didn’t take him home earlier.”

Jason Coronado

For Grisanti, the story is just perfect to motivate herself and other shelter volunteers who help get beautiful homes for thousands of helpless animals.

“It’s these happy endings this keep us going and doing what we do,” she said.

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