Dogs are the most precious creatures in the world and this story just proves it.

When Link was brought in a clinic by his former owner to be put down for no logical reason, the staff immediately refused. It was then that they called RSPCA. They intervened without hesitance, and since then, they’ve been trying to find the sad dog a good home.

“Link was extremely lucky to be saved when his previous owner decided to have him put to sleep for no good reason,” a spokeswoman from the RSPCA Isle of Thanet branch said in a press release. “We were happy to step in and give this lovely boy a chance but, unfortunately, it’s not been easy for him.”


Even though Link has been adopted quite a few times, he always finds his way back to the shelter. It’s obvious that he didn’t fit into those homes. But none of the staff has given up hope to find him the perfect family.

But now Link has been living in the RSPCA shelter for over 466 days and the 9-year-old dog is still without a home to call his own.


“Unfortunately, he’s continually overlooked and we can’t understand why,” the spokeswoman said. “It could be due to his breed, his colour or his age. Many people don’t even want to hear about him and he gets overlooked time and time again. It’s so sad.”


A link is a lovely creature with quite a great number of things about him. Not only is he extremely good at training, but he’s also very excitable and loves learning. Sometimes, he can barely be kept on a leash. But while these things may make him sound as a fearless dog, this is not the case. A link is also afraid of loud noises and of being alone. If only he could be taken in by a family who would love him despite his issues. He would do so well in a home with children! The only problem is that he needs to be the only pet in the family.


Needless to say, Link has charmed his way through everyone’s heart in the shelter. Almost every person he’s met wants him to find the best home possible.

“Link really is a fantastic dog,” the spokeswoman said. “All of the staff and volunteers love him terribly and we know he’ll be a loyal friend and wonderful addition to the family. He has so much love to give and would bring his new owners so much joy. You just can’t help but smile when you’re with him — someone just needs to give him a chance.”

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