A deliveryman named Ryan Arens was delivering packages in Bozeman, Montana just a few weeks before Christmas.

In spite of his busy schedule, there was nothing to complain. Until Arens heard a strange sound.

“It was like a kind of cry for help,” Arens said, “but I couldn’t really see what was going on.”

While circling a pond on his truck he finally got a closer view. In the centre of a pond covered by a thin layer of ice, something dark was floating.

Ryan Arens

“I got out of my truck,” Arens said, “and then I saw a god in the pond.”

It was the coldest at the extreme but Arens, having sharp senses knew something was wrong. A dog swimming in that weather was out of the question.

“Then I saw she was clinging to the ice,” Arens said. Hearing the dog screaming for help only made things even sure.

Arens rushed to the dog.

“My heart was thumping,” he said. “I got a little scared and nervous knowing that I was probably going to do something stupid.”

Ryan Arens

A few people had already come forward to help. One older man was out on a small paddle boat trying to rescue the dog.

“I stripped down to my boxer briefs, took off my uniform and my hat and everything, and left my socks on knowing how sharp ice can be,” Arens said.

After this Arens got into the boat in such a way that his weight would be distributed equally and the ice wouldn’t crack from his weight. He made his way closer to the dog.

“I could see through the ice now because it was really thin,” he said, “and I could see three-quarters of the dog’s body was underwater-just her head was up and barely out of the water.”

Ryan Arens

Then Arens didn’t hesitate to get into the ice cold water, holding onto the boat with one hand while trying to reach the dog with the other. Of course, all while balancing on the thin ice.

“My biggest fear was falling through the ice and not being able to get out,” he said.

Unfortunately, the ice broke.

“I went down, and at that point, I just swam out of the dog and grabbed her collar- thank God she had a collar on- and swam back to the ice,” Arens said.

He quickly put the dog into the safety of the boat and slid it back to the shore, where neighbours had gathered. “A lady who was there handed me a blanket and I just wrapped it around the dog,” Arens said.

Ryan Arens

Due to standing on the cold for far too long, the dog was completely numb. She couldn’t stand up straight and was clearly in shock. She was then rushed to one of the neighbour’s house.

“One of the neighbours had a wood stove going and so went over there to warm up,” Arens said. “He went into the bathroom and got the warm water going and I carried her in there, and I knelt down, holding her up so he could get the warm water on her belly.”

Maybe it was fate’s way of bringing things in order because the man was a retired vet. He was in safe hands. After checking the dog’s temperature, he concluded that the dog would have had a heart attack if not for Ares’s efforts.

Meanwhile, the dog’s owner was going berserk looking for her. Turned out, he lived only a few blocks away and the dog, Sadie had lost her way while playing with a neighbour’s dog.

“There were duck decoys floating in the pond and I’m guessing she was curious about them and that’s how she got into the situation.” Arens said.

As soon as Sadie’s owner heard a dog was found, he arrived in a panic and was relieved to find his dog.

Meanwhile, Arens still in his boxer briefs slipped out and wore the spare clothes kept in his truck. After this, he quietly went his way.

“My legs were all scraped up from the ice and my feet were all cut up even through my socks, but I put my uniform on and went along my route,” he said. “I had about 20 more stops.”

The next day, while Arens was delivering goods he came upon a house near where he’d rescued Sadie. He saw a man making his way to the truck in the driveway, and he was Sadie sitting peacefully in the car. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

Ryan Arens

“She was in his vehicle and she saw me coming down the driveway and she just went crazy.” Arens laughed. “The man said, ‘Thank you so much, I never really got a chance to thank you.’ And then he said, ‘Would you like to meet Sadie?’ And I said, ‘I would love to meet Sadie.”

That is the story of the happy photo Arens got to take with Sadie. He would always remember that day where he saved her life.

It’s been over a decade since Arens started working as a UPS driver, and considers meeting adorable animals an enjoyable perk of his job. Especially, since saving a dog as adorable as Sadie, he has absolutely no regrets.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat,” he said. “I love animals.”

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