The relationship between a service dog and their owner is always tied up with an unspoken and special bond. Especially when their human relies on them for something as important as walking.


The story of a little girl named Bella and her Great Dane, George is also the same. Thanks to George that she’s got something epic in the store and for changing her life. This story will surely melt your heart.


When Bella was 11-years-old she adopted George while volunteering for service Dog Project, Inc. for a full year. The story of how George fell in love with Bella is shared by facility trainer, Meghan Kokaras. The heart-melting story starts like:

“One day, Bella climbed up with George and she just started talking to him. The next thing you know his head was in her lap and he was looking up at her like she was the best thing in the world.”

“I could tell he needed me, and I needed him,” Bela told.


Later, A rare degenerative condition called Morquio was diagnosed in Bella. This disease affects mobility by interrupting the body’s natural ability to build bone, cartilage and other connective tissue. She was unable to walk on her own, so she always used to take the support of George while walking.

The abstract gratitude they have for a service dog who can help then walk again cannot be described. With the help of community partnerships in Boston, Bella is set out to have her dog recognized by providing him with his “Best Day Ever”.

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