Unusual friendships aren’t rare in the animal kingdom. But this just takes the cake. Why, you ask? Well, cats and dogs are usually seen are two squabbling species unless they’ve been properly trained. But this just shows that kindness isn’t limited to species, or even to stereotypes.

This is a story of such kindness.

When a dog saw a tiny kitten freezing in the snow, he couldn’t help but reach out to her. On one of the coldest days in the year, he removes the small creature from a pile of snow and saves her life.

People can talk about canine and feline enmity all they want, but this incident proves that not everything is written in the stars.

Facebook/ Brave Pet Store

We see the kitten being horrified when found by the big dog. She probably thought how the big mouth of the scary creature was there to hurt her. In fact, anyone who sees the picture would say the same. But, with luck, the dog was actually there to get the little cat out of the harrowing predicament she was in. Now, isn’t that just the sweetest?

It’s no wonder that the incident surprised the doggy’s mom–it even surprised us, after all! Luckily, she decided to capture the whole thing in a video. Now, the rest of us can gawk alongside her as we watch this hero doggie save the little kitten!

Facebook/ Brave Pet Store

In the video, the doggy drags the poor cat into his house. It’s only then that she realizes that he’s trying to save her. Hope probably blossomed in her chest. Luckily, she will now have a warm and safe place to stay in.

Facebook/ Brave Pet Store

Deny it all you want, but it’s quite amazing to see how loving and empathetic animals can be towards others. With this video, the doggie has charmed his way through all of our hearts.

Just look at the video that would melt any animal-lovers heart!

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