It wouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that dogs are one of the most loving and loyal creatures in the world. But their friendships are a whole different level of sincere. And this video just proves it. What we see is a dog trying to bring his friend back from the dead as the other creature lies motionlessly on the street.

Pear Video

The footages depict a brown Husky laying down on a busy street during a rainy day in China. He was killed immediately in a hit and run accident. But what makes this even worse is the witness to his death, his best buddy. The cream-coloured dog hovers over the Husky’s body helplessly.

He tries to wake his friend up by pawing his friend’s body. Trying to bring him back is futile, and it’s a moment before he realizes that. The second he does, the dog breaks out into wails and barks. As he stares at the face of his grief, he protects the body with determination–not letting a single thing come near the body.

Pear Video

It’s only when a woman arrives on the scene and sees the dead dog that the cream-coloured creature backs off. While the woman’s identity is still unknown, we assume that she the pet parent of the Husky. She immediately checks on her dog and knows that he cannot be saved despite the people and police surrounding her.

The video is painful just to watch. But to not watch it would be a crime. To not see the loyalty and genuineness that lied between the two dogs would be a sin. While our best wishes are with the family, we hope that the driver who caused this to happen will soon be brought to justice.

Click the video to be one of the hundreds that witnessed a friendship that no longer exists:

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