Dogs are smart, we all know that. However, they never cease to amaze us with their tricks. They just seem to understand somethings better than us. Just like the pooch in the video below.


I the video below, we can see a baby crying his heart out and the mother has probably lost control of it. She has no idea how to silence the baby but the dog steps in, almost saying, “Wait, human, let me handle this.”


And so, the pooch goes ahead and howls his heart out as the baby cries. Surprisingly, the baby becomes dead silent right when her furry friend starts to howl. But when he stops again, the baby starts crying again. So, the pooch sings his “lullaby” repeatedly to calm the baby down.

And it works every time!


As sweet as this whole phenomenon is, it’s equally hilarious! You know that they are going to commit uncountable crimes together!

Watch the amusing video below:

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