Neglectful people exist even when they’re threatened with warnings, penalties and jail time. It’s even heartbreaking when the neglect is towards innocent pets who have done nothing to deserve the carelessness.

With disturbing stories like this one coming up with equally disturbing images, it often has us losing faith in humanity and what it means to be human. Some cruelties are so heart-wrenching that it leaves us feeling empty for days.

Indianapolis Animals Care Services (IACS) posted such a story in their Facebook Page. It begins with a warning.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services/ Facebook

“*WARNING”: This post may be considered graphic by some. Read at your own risk.

Today was a hard day, not only as an employee of Animal Care Services but also as an animal lover and advocate. Despite all of the warnings, people are still leaving animals outside in these deadly temperatures. The animals we encountered today, can’t tell their stories, that’s why we need to be their voice.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services/ Facebook

For a few hours, I tagged along with a few of our officers, going house to house, making sure that every animal was facing.”

The text went on to inform the readers of a homeless cat that was found in an abandoned house along with another incident of a dog that was abandoned outside.

“Our last call was the hardest one to stomach, and definitely one that will stay with me forever. We encountered a dog owner who left his dog outside, letting it freeze overnight to a cold wooden doghouse outside.

The only thing blocking the cold, bitter air was a towel. While that is truly horrific, what the owner did next is even worse. He picked up the dog and threw it away in a dumpster as if its life meant nothing.

When he found the dog, it was emaciated and covered in trash. The small area where the dog spent its last hours had a frozen water bowl and gave you a glimmer of the painful days and nights it suffered before freezing to the ground of its doghouse.”

Indianapolis Animal Care Services/ Facebook

It might a little too late for this lovely creature, it might not be late for other animals. Please, immediately contact the authorities if you witness such behaviours. Remember, no pets deserve to be left outside in such a cold season.

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