It’s a heartbreaking tale how Jessie was completely abandoned by everyone.

Found living on the streets of Thailand for several years, Soi Dog Foundation finally rescued her and send her to U.S. so she could find a lovely family. Suddenly, the future didn’t look so bleak for this border collie mix.

Yet, the dog is still at the shelter.

For three long years, Jessie has been living in a crowded home in Long Beach, New York.

Beth Zimmerman

A former volunteer at Posh Pets and Long Beach Animal, Beth Zimmerman, confessed that she is “heartbroken” that Jessie still hasn’t been adopted.

“It’s very painful to see any animal languish in a shelter for years,” Zimmerman said.

There might be many reasons why Jessie is still alone. The primary one being how solitary she is. It takes her quite a while to get along with people owing to her life on the streets of Thailand.

Beth Zimmerman

“She is overlooked repeatedly because she is not initially a ‘warm and fuzzy’ kind of dog,” Zimmerman said. “Beneath her sassy, sometimes tough exterior is a sweet, loving dog who responds to kindness and love in sometimes surprising ways. For example, she is finally rolling over for belly rubs from shelter staff as she is learning that they mean her no harm.”

The other reason could be because she has black fur. Finding a home is more difficult for black dogs.

Beth Zimmerman

“Perhaps being an all-black dog, she suffers from not presenting as well in online photographs, where people often start the adoption search process,” Zimmerman said.

Quite a lot of things have been done by the staff to get Jessie a loving home. Especially by Annie Barbatsuly, a volunteer dog walker at the shelter.

Beth Zimmerman

“She walks her in the community with her ‘adopt me’ vest, she hands out oversized ‘business cards’ with Jessie’s information and bio link, and has gone to various neighborhoods to put them in mailboxes,” Zimmerman said. “She has created online profiles for Jessie on other rescue sites, she has posted her routinely to various Facebook groups for dog moms and border collie enthusiasts.”

Yet, Jessie, who is now a senior dog at 9 years old, is still at the shelter. Unfortunately, it seems that Jessie knows how alone she really is.

Beth Zimmerman

“Every time she [Barbatsuly] returns Jessie to the shelter after a daily walk … Jessie drops her head and shoulders, and looks defeated,” Zimmerman said.

“She [Jessie] has seen nearly all of the dogs in the shelter come and go during her nearly three years there,” Zimmerman added. “And last year when she was briefly fostered by Annie while the shelter was under renovation, she adapted to home life as though she had never been in a shelter. She was depressed for a very long time upon her return, after the temporary foster was over.”

Beth Zimmerman

Nevertheless, everyone is still full of hope that Jessie will find a family that loves her for who she is.

She’s quite a lovely dog too. Her hobbies include going for long walks, chasing squeaky balls, digging in the dirt and hanging out with other dogs. According to Zimmerman, the adorable animal could be kept in a home with another resident dog. And in that case, she could live with adults and older children.

Beth Zimmerman

“Because she has led such a deprived life, both in Thailand and during her prolonged homelessness in the U.S., she can be protective of the few things that belong to her,” Zimmerman said. “She would do best in a home that is somewhat dog savvy (not a first-time dog parent), where she can be given the time, love and patience to decompress from the intense stress of shelter life.”

Beth Zimmerman

Zimmerman sincerely believes that Jessie would make a great pet.

“When shown genuine kindness, she repays it tenfold,” Zimmerman said. “In many ways, she’s like a diamond in the rough. Her initial caution can obscure her tremendous spirit and loving nature.”

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