Recently, several lines of popular dog food are being blamed for the deaths of dogs in recent times. The most alarming discovery is that there are traces of actual euthanasia drugs which has led to the innocent animals dying.


After feeding a can of Evanger’s dog food to her dog Talula, the pup became very sick. She rushed to the emergency vet and was heartbroken to hear that her dog wouldn’t survive. Her dog died because of what she gave him to eat. She was devastated.


She wanted to find out how her dog died. So, she drove her deceased dog’s body to a veterinary pathologist to determine what happened. There it was revealed that there was pentobarbital in the dog’s food that led to Talula’s death.

Other foods were tested by a lab, including 15 cans of Gravy Train. Shockingly, 60 per cent of the samples were positive for pentobarbital. The poison is getting into dog food from rendering plants who process deceased carcasses and then blend them into pet food.


Check with pet food company websites before buying it and protect your pets from any potential toxic foods. Needless to say, eliminate known foods from your pet’s diet immediately. Be careful.

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