Traces of abandonment are everywhere, even on the sides of the road. Surrounded by California farmland on both sides, the salmon doghouse thrown on the side of the street is heartbreaking.

What’s even more heartbreaking is the dog that lives inside of it, hoping every day that someone would pick her up on their way.


Fortunately, her wishes came true. Someone noticed the wooden structure and the dog inside it and immediately contacted the concerned authorities.

After the dog was rescued by an officer, she was then taken in by Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS) where she received much-needed care and affection.


Upon learning that the dog was called Pebbles, the officers then started looking for the previous owner. It was then that they found out that the man was hard to blame for he was homeless himself when he left Pebbles out to fend for herself.

Since the deserting, Pebbles has had a very hard life. But thanks to the rescuers and the person who called them, the little dog is now safe and happy.

Pebbles has now been put up for adoption. Hopefully, the 9-year-old dog will find herself a beautiful home with a loving family. It seems like she’s already gathering fans. “I met Pebbles and she is the sweetest dog with beautiful, soulful eyes,” a woman named Maria Chomentowski posted on her Facebook.


“She is much more adorable and cute in person,” Robin Gabriel, another fan of Pebbles, commented on Facebook, “beautiful brindle brown.”


It seems like Pebbles has a bright future ahead of her. Taking inspiration from her story, the SCCAS has notified people that if they’re having a hard time taking care of their pets, they should be brought it rather than haphazardly abandoned.

“The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter is an Open Door Admission Shelter and we take in any animal free of charge without questions asked,” SCCAS wrote on Facebook. “Abandoning an animal is a crime and can cause unnecessary suffering to the animal. If you have an animal you no longer want please surrender him or her to the shelter.”

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