Audra was driving along the riverside when she came across something horrific. She saw a wet, shivering dog on the bank with a metal weight tied to its neck. She immediately got out of her vehicle and got closer.

drowned dog 1

It didn’t take her long to figure out that the thing around her neck was a makeshift anchor and that she had been thrown into the river to die. But the dog, Tourik, was a fighter. He swam his way back to the bank. Audra knew that he needed immediate medical attention.
So, she took him to the vet.
The clinic was where she found out that the anchor was more than 13 pounds.

drowned dog 2

After reports and investigations, the owner was found. Tarik was a missing dog before this incident. The suspicion is now on a neighbor. He worked with the same material as the staff.
As per this information, the neighbor is in custody and will soon go through a trial. The man will face punishment if found guilty.

drowned dog 3

After a thorough treatment, Tour is back with his owner. Everyone is showering him with love and attention. He has regained his strength and become a whole new dog from the one he used to be. And it is heartwarming.

drowned dog 4

drowned dog 5
Just look at the picture above and the video below, notice the difference yourself.