We all know that dogs are the greatest appreciators of the presence. They always like living in the moment and taking their sweet time to go through everything. And the best example of this was given recently by Winky, the agility dog, whose agility test video has just one message to give: “Life is short, take your time!”

The Bichon Frise portrayed the exact meaning of the message to the audience by doing his own unique kind of agility run at the Westminster 2019 Masters Agility Championship.

Source: Twitter/@WKCDOGS

Agility is a speed testing fun sport for dogs who are directed through an obstacle course. They run, jump, weave and roll through the 14 to 20 obstacles, and the fastest dog to do so without any fault with move further into the competition.

But Winky couldn’t care less about that. In fact, he went around in his own way and even stopped to take a look at the mesmerized fans in the middle of his run!

Source: Twitter/@WKCDOGS

While the mining dog completed the course in 32.5 seconds, Winky took his sweet time and entertained everyone for 192 seconds!

Well, spreading laughter and happiness is more important than winning a sport, after all, isn’t it?

Watch Winky’s adorable agility course below:

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