Fate is strangely beautiful.

When Rose Jenkins was out on a walk with her dog, Jai, she never expected to find a kitten. It was when they had almost finished their walk and were returning home through an alley that Jai sensed something was wrong.

“I thought he caught the scent of some food, but it was different,” Jenkins, who lives in Bangkok, Thailand, said. “He was jumpy and startled, which surprised me. I didn’t know if it was a rat … or what it was.”

Rose Jenkins

Jenkins followed her dog and found a kitten standing still. It was probably because of the big dog that the small black and white kitten looked so scared. Turns out that he was hiding amongst an abandoned hotel and old pipes.

“The kitten … stood there stunned, like he was confused or lost,” Jenkins said. “I immediately noticed his ribs and how skinny he was.”

Jai tried to get close to the kitten, pulling on his leash.

“He loves kittens,” Jenkins said. “He was the best foster mom for kittens when we had a litter before they were all adopted. He was very curious, but I didn’t want him to make the kitten run away, so I left the kitten there to run Jai back upstairs to our condo and crossed my fingers and prayed the kitten would still be there when I got back downstairs. I yelled for my husband to bring me a cat crate and a blanket. He said, ‘Oh no, what did you find now?’ I said, ‘Jai found a kitten!’”

Rose Jenkins

The kitten was still in the same place even when Jenkins came back to the spot.

“He was just crouched and turning his head from side to side, maybe trying to get his bearings,” Jenkins said. “That is when he ‘looked’ right at me and my jaw dropped — he had no eyes!”

In fact, she could see that the kitten was scared out of its wits.

So Jenkins scooped him up in her arms and took her to her condo before it started running. She draped him with a blanket, put him in a crate and took him home.

Owing to its past abodes, the kitten had fleas and its eye sockets were infected as well. He was terribly sick and was giving off a bad smell. Jenkins decided to take him to the vet.

Rose Jenkins

Since all of the taxis she approached refused to take kittens in, she took the subway even when they didn’t allow animals in.

“I hid him in a backpack that I carried frontwards on me,” Jenkins said. “I snuck past security guards and on the train, the whole time praying the kitten wouldn’t cry for the 10-minute ride.”’

Aldous, the kitten, was received by the staff at a vet clinic.

“All the vets came into the room and were in awe of little Aldous,” Jenkins said. “They couldn’t believe he had survived as a blind kitten.”

Rose Jenkins

“They immediately gave him IV fluids and flea treatment, then began cleaning out his eyes,” she added. “He was so sweet and calm … responding to our touch and purring. He was too skinny and too weak to do surgery right away, so the vets waited for three days of fluids and good food. On the fourth day, they put him under sedation and did surgery to clean out his eye sockets, remove the tear duct, and sew the eye sockets closed.”

Aldous was visited by Jenkins by at the vet many times. Even though she wanted to adopt the kitten, she already had many pets aside from Jai.

That’s when she contacted a local rescue group called PAWS Bangkok. They were the ones who paid some of his medical bills and also wanted to find Aldous a good, caring home.

Rose Jenkins

“Many people kept up with the story and followed his progress, but one family stood out,” Jenkins said. “Ethan and his girlfriend said they had a blind female cat and would love to give her a playmate. They knew exactly how to care for a blind kitten and were more than willing to give it the time and dedication needed. The first day they sent us photos and I couldn’t help but cry. The sister cat took Aldous under her paw and put him to sleep by cleaning him. Aldous began following her around and learning how to ‘cat.’”

In fact, Jenkins is quite happy with the result.

Rose Jenkins

“The most amazing part of this story is how I could have missed this sweet kitten by just a minute,” she said. “I walk the same route and same time every day and had never seen him before. He is such a survivor. Living alone in a dark, scary world — starving, blind, and covered in fleas.”

Rose Jenkins

“Now, he is living the dream life with a family who adores him,” she added. “I’m so glad he made it as long as he did, and gets a chance at a bright, new life! The life every animal deserves.”

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