Owners Never expected that their small little Lake party would cost them their pooch’s life. The fun-filled day off for the family took an unexpectedly tragic turn when they found their pup slowly dying.

It was just a small birthday celebration for Jen Walsh with her husband, her 8-year-old daughter, and her pets.
Henz, a two-year-old Schnauzer, was having the time of his life playing fetch with his owners. He loved to fetch the sticks and balls tossed in the lake. But the more he fetched, the dizzier he became. An hour and a half passed when Walsh noticed something odd with their pet.

Henz started sitting still, not a wag, not even a shake. After a few seconds, he had excessive urination and started acting drunk with lethargic behavior. That’s when the family took quick action and headed to the vet. But it was already too late. The Henz stopped breathing along the way.

Vets later explained that the symptoms were of hypothermia, a condition caused water intoxication causing poor soul’s death.

The dog ingested a large amount of water, causing hyper-hydration. With hyperhydration, body drastically lowers the level of sodium in the blood, which leads to brain damage. And that was what Henz died of.

This condition is more common in smaller dogs in regards to the size is comparatively smaller with low sodium level in the first place.

The following symptoms are from water intoxication. If your dog has any of these signs, they need to be immediately sent to the vets.:
• Lethargy
• muscle twitches
• Anxiety
• Vomiting
• excessive drooling
• wobbliness when moving

In an interview with Inside Edition, Walsh said:
“If we had known about water intoxication, maybe there would have been something more we could have done to save him,”

Do look out for any odd symptoms you see in your dog. It might be deadly in some case.

Share it to your friends and family. It might save a pooch’s life.