When Animal Aid Unlimited rushed to help an injured puppy, the sight they were greeted with was heartbreaking. Standing right beside the injured little one was his mother, who was crying out for help. As the rescuers approached them, the mother slowly allowed them to help her baby. Her immediate trust in them surprised the helpers and they could see how much she loved him.


As one of the rescuers cradled the little puppy, he whimpered in pain. And when did, his Mama cried out the same way. From seemingly nowhere, his father also came out to check if everything was okay.

Following this, Animal Aid put the puppy in their ride as carefully as they could, a hospital was their next stop.


After the staff checked him up, they found two deep puncture wounds on his shoulders. His bravery surprised everyone as he repeatedly tried to walk despite his injury even though he couldn’t.

For now, he needs a tremendous amount of love, care, food and attention. All our best wishes are with him and we hope he will soon reunite with his sweet family!

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