The graduation ceremony for the senior class at Horseshoe Bend School, in Alabama, will forever be memorable for a unique reason.

And it’s all thanks to this dog called Charlie.

dog crashes graduation 1

Belonging to Logan Branch, a grad who lived near the school, Charlie had a habit of visiting him at the school during Branch’s breaks. And soon, he started making other friends.

“Everyone at the school knows he is my dog,” Branch said.

As the school came to an end, for both Branch and Charlie, Charlie decided to say goodbye in his own ways.

dog crashes graduation 2

In the middle of their graduation ceremony, Charlie decided to crash the party.

“Nobody had any clue at all that he would be there,” Branch said. “He came inside the gate and just surprised all of us.”

But the surprise was far from over. As the rest of the batch tried to keep themselves together, Charlie thought it would be a good idea to urinate in a decorative fern in front of where the grads sat.

That’s when everyone burst out laughing.

Don’t believe us?

Just look at this!

“As soon as we saw him walk to the plant, we all knew what was about to happen so we couldn’t help but all laugh,” Branch said.

But Branch must have been quite embarrassed for he was doing this.

dog crashes graduation 3

While the graduation ceremony continued, no one could really replace the round of laughter Charlie brought.

“He definitely got the best crowd reaction of the night,” Branch admits. “Charlie definitely loved it.”

dog crashes graduation 4

While Branch and his classmates are moving on to a new phase of life, Charlie might decide to show up once in a while. After all, Branch’s sister is still on the campus!

It looks like Charlie quite enjoyed this moment too.

Branch said:

“He just loves attention and being around people.”

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